Porcino and Chianina, art and culture during November

Our land of Tuscany is a real mix of history, art and culture but also of great gastronomic tradition. To be able to to know all about this, even in November it's possible to visit and taste the beauty and goodness. Between city and village, among sculptures, paintings, porcini mushroom and Chianina.

In Pistoia, the exhibition dedicated to the silver altar known as San Jacopo continues, kept in the city's cathedral, a precious and imposing masterpiece of silverware made between the 13th and 15th century and also mentioned by Dante. An illustration consisting of different subjects to represent the apostles, characters from the Bible and various saints.

Also in Pistoia, the Pistoia Novecento project is underway, thanks to Fondazione Pistoia Musei, until the end of the year it is possible to learn more about Tuscan artists, or those who had a strong bond with this land, contributing to the creation of the strong modern art movement of the '900. Paintings, sculptures and objects to be discovered.

From 20 November in Castelfranco di Sotto, not far from Lamporecchio, we dedicate ourselves to taste. A revised edition of the festival of porcini mushrooms and Chianina. An enogastronomic moment to savor two excellences of the area which, especially the meat, is expressly territorial. In a simple condiment but also as a main dish, Chianina meat is a high quality product envied all over the world.

Credits: photo dbreen

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