Piazza Francesco Berni 11/12 - 51035 Lamporecchio (PT)   +39 0573 82704

Who we are? It's easy, we are a company made up of people with an average age less than forty but with a culture in hospitality and experience in customer management for over half a century.

Specific and uptodate training

The front office staff has a specific school courses in tourism subjects: tourism institute, school of economics and tourism sciences. The managers also have specific experience and they "chewed" in the hotel-hospitality and restaurant sectors both and have grown up with the culture of hospitality.
The choose to maintain uptodate with training it's useful to give high level quality services . All the staff members and other operating people are involved. Professionalism is one of the strengths that characterizes us.

Continuous and uptodate maintenance

We are focus on maintenance to give high quality standard services to our guests. We make a continuous maintenance about furniture and all the systems (cooling, electric, heating, water, ...), with programmed check during every weeks or days. We have choose brands and company to be give the best reliability about everything. In the cleaning too. We prefer who give us all the standard security to us and to our guests.

We are pleased to be a reference point and example in the area for the other territory accommodation facilities, thus allowing us to have a high general quality level. The working procedures and management programs are the result of a cooperation with the universities that teach tourism subjects to keep us updated on the different dynamics of the sector and go to in searching of continuous improvement.

L’Hotel Antico Masetto dal 2015 è nuovamente gestito dai proprietari e fondatori. È un grande piacere essere sempre l’hotel di riferimento del territorio. Chi siamo? Sauro, Giuliano, Anna, Tiziana, Elena, Andrea, Laura, Fioretta e Silvia. Vi aspettiamo!


“La società ha ricevuto nel corso dell’esercizio 2020, 2021 e 2022 aiuti di Stato di cui all’art. 52, Legge 234/2012 oggetto di pubblicazione nel Registro Nazionale degli Aiuti di Stato che sono ivi indicati nella sezione trasparenza a cui si rinvia”