What to do around

You can make several excursions near Lamporecchio. The area is not involved in the mass tourism and still allows you to feel the emotion of the discovery and the opportunity to fully enjoy every little experience. Here are some places and visit suggestion suitable for everyone.

Visit the villages

Visitare borghi

In Lamporecchio, you can see the Pieve di Santo Stefano, an original construction of the Middle Ages. It has a very valuable bas-relief by Giovanni Della Robbia, a very complex work created as a vote for the plague of 1524. In the nearby, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Orbignano, the Church of San Baronto (dating back to 1018) and the Church of San Giorgio a Porciano. This church, from the 13th century have a beautiful view of the valley. Then you can visit Villa Rospigliosi, built by Pope Clement IX. With a large park and chapel, it is a congress and ceremonial center with the possibility of visiting.
Among the six parts of the municipality of Larciano, do not miss the Church of San Rocco, in the homonymous place and Larciano Castello with its small manor, one of the sighting and communication points of the area in the Middle Ages and today the Archaeological Museum. An unmissable panorama.

La piccola cittadina che diede i natali a Leonardo annovera la Chiesa di Santa Croce (dove nella fonte battesimale si narra sia stato battezzato il “genio”) che è facente parte del Castello dei Conti Guidi che ospita anche il Museo Leonardiano. To visit also the Museo Ideale, dedicated to the studies of the Leonardo's territory and the promotion of his knowledge and his birthplace which is in Anchiano, not far away.
Cerreto Guidi
A Cerreto Guidi, da non perdere il santuario di Santa Liberata risalente al Trecento e la Pieve di San Leonardo, adiacente alla Villa Medicea che ospita il Museo Storico della Caccia e del Territorio.

Visit Surroundings

Other suggestions on what to do nearby are simple outings in this beautiful hilly area. From spring to autumn you can appreciate the traditional Tuscan landscapes. The colors, the variations of slopes and perfumed skies that only here fill the eyes. Simply follow the roads of Montalbano and Valdinievole, just stop on some peak and look around to taste all the beauty of the area.

The Harvest

The harvest time in Montalbano is absolutely exciting. Seeing the pick up and the whole process allows us to understand the work and culture behind an ancient tradition. Will be born a unique product that has made Tuscany and Italy famous all over the world. From here comes the Chianti Montalbano D.O.C.G., the Bianco della Valdinievole DOC and the Vinsanto. dello stesso territorio.

Raccolta olive

The Olive Harvest

Even the olive harvest can be a really interesting moment to live. There are many small producers in the area that you can ask to participate in. A tradition that is also common life, sharing and experience in nature, unique and unrepeatable. Hence the production of Montalbano Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
” The land is hard, xxx, but the result it then gives you is proportional to the love you give it” (Sauro Baldasseroni).

The Festival of Brigidino

In the first days of August in Lamporecchio there is the August fair, an event of music, art and gastronomy that also includes the Brigidino Festival. This biscuit, which was traditionally produced by the nuns of Santa Brigida, is one of the best known and tastiest local products. This anise-scented veil of sugar, flour and eggs is a high quality confectionery product. A biscuit that is more like a wafer, which you can eat when you want and with other sweets. Absolutely to taste.

Sport e Wellness

In these areas there is also the opportunity to indulge in golf and also at the spa, for a holiday of well-being and relax.
The Spas
Very close to Lamporecchio there are two areas that exploit the benefits of thermal water. In Monsumanno Terme and in Montecatini Terme it's possible to practice the pleasure of both curative and beauty treatments. A day spent in the water is a real panacea for the body and also for the mind.
For golf lovers, there are three easily accessible centers in the surrounding area: the 18 holes of the Golf Montecatini Terme and the Golf Club Quarrata and the nine-hole of the Golf Bellosguardo in Vinci.

Food & Wine

We have already talked about the Brigidino, this crumbly biscuit, with an aniseed scent, typical of Lamporecchio, but it is not alone.
During the carnival period, we produce the Berlingozzo, a soft donut with a scent of orange and vanilla.
In our town, oil and wine are products that you can taste and buy in the various stores in Lamporecchio.
In Larciano, there are many producers of hams, sausages, finocchiona, capocollo, loin, pork loin, pancetta, coppa, liver and much more, if you prefer cured meats. You can find many different types of... everything.