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Carnival, living colors

The Carnival in the world is now not only Rio De Janeiro, but also Italy has reached a prominent place with all its events and for Tuscany, the Carnival of Viareggio is the top event.

An historic tradition that brings many tourists to Tuscany from many different places. The time where color, joy and the desire to have fun is particularly felt.

In addition to the traditional fashion shows that are repeated during 4 weeks, this is not the only thing that you could attend. There is a various program which also includes many other events: exhibitions, workshops, meetings that gather all types of public, from the youngest to those who prefer to discover and learn more about this tradition.

Do we want to discuss the culinary tradition of this period? If you love desserts, there is a lot to choose from: from rice pancakes to Florentine-style schiacciata, from cenci to berlingozzo and frati. The latter are typical street food, similar to "krapfen" but donut shaped to be enjoyed while walking. Cenci or frappe or chiacchiere are also more common in other regions, while berlingozzo has a dough that is very similar to our brigidini (aniseed biscuits), but scented with vanilla. And it is widespread in our province, Pistoia.

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