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Spring in Tuscany, spectacular nature

We are in spring, the season of awakening of nature. In Tuscany we like all the seasons because each one has its own characteristics and beauties, but if you love the early heat, the buds on the trees, the first blooms, then we are waiting for you with open arms, come and discover spring in Tuscany .

You can simply visit the small villages and nearby towns, from Vinci to San Baronto, Cerreto, Cecina and admire the plants, the hills filled with wild flowers, the scents of the earth. We also recommend the Fucecchio marshes where you can take various guided excursions in this protected area, where you can find many different species of birds and flora.

Soon it's also Easter and in our tradition there are various religious celebrations that involve the whole country and the Easter Monday fairs are recurring in many centers where you can find handicrafts and food and wine. One of the most famous traditions is the explosion of the Cart in Florence on Easter day, a fireworks show with an ancient flavor, dates back to the 12th century!

Obviously then spring in Tuscany, and this festive period, is also celebrated at the table with traditional donuts, rice cake, Easter Schiacciata in various versions because in all local recipes, every town does it in its own way.

What else can we tell you? If you want to live an experience for a holiday close to nature, but also culture or traditions, you will find all this in our area.

Book your vacation choosing the most suitable solution for you, so then you can experience spring in Tuscany in your own way.

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