November: truffles, wine and local products

November: truffles, wine and much more.
The truffle is one of the excellences of the territory that can be appreciated in all possible declinations. You can taste it but you can also know and discover it, its history and what it has represented and represents today. And also how it's found and everything that revolves around this local product so popular in Italy and abroad.

San Miniato dedicates the whole month to white truffles, every weekend it is possible to discover and taste these delicacies and from the second weekend there is also the market where it is also possible buy the truffles.

In Anghiari, November is not truffles but we can discover the new wine. After the harvest, it's possible tasted on the second Sunday of the month during the Celebration of San Martino, means the traditional one “Festa dei Bringoli e di San Martino” with tasting of brustichino (bruschetta with toasted bread, oil from the press, salt and garlic), sausages, chestnuts and new wine.

It takes place in Figline Valdarno Autumnia, the fair dedicated to agriculture, the environment and food and the products that can be tasted this season, wine, oil, cheeses and cured meats, a world always to be discovered from 11 to 13 November.

If food isn't your favorite? In Arezzo, the antiques city par excellence, you will find one of the largest antiques markets, every first weekend of the month.

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