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Lucca Summer Festival

The Lucca Summer Festival is with the Pistoia Blues, among the most important events of the Tuscan and Italian summer season.

Lots of concerts and events related to music which ranges between different genres: from rock, to jazz and even to pop. To please all fans of different genres.

Since the end of the nineties there has been no lack of a thousand opportunities to see Italian and foreign international artists live. Many characters who in all these years have contributed to the history of music and what a music!

There is therefore a lot of attention for this year's Lucca Summer Festival. Waiting to know if concert dates will be proposed for 2021, to stay updated consult the official website. Whatever happens, the town of Lucca remains one of the jewels of Tuscany that is "a must to" for a visit.

For such an important event, our structure can offer hospitality by choosing from the different possibilities available, rooms with every comfort and for every request.

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